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October 2007

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junquegrrl in lab555


I've been sooooo embarrassed to poke my head in here and see what's going on since I "cut and run." Starting Lab 555 when I did was foolish (and, if you'll remember, assisted by my pain-killers), but I'm so happy to see that a bunch of you stuck with it, hung in there and are Makin' Stuff and posting. I hope no one is too pissed at me for not following through. I hope y'all have a sense of humor about it. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

*HUGS* to all of you, in any event. Perhaps, now that probate is wrapping up, I will join you before 2007 is over!!


Sometimes life happens. I have to admit I have been embarassed to post what I have been up to because I just could not make myself stick to the book I picked out for my challenge. A better challenge for me would be to finish all of the projects I have started and keep finishing them until the pile was gone :)
I think your idea to start this group was great- it also came at summer time- a time most people don't have any spare time.
With cool weather we might have a group resurgence! (is that a word?)
Anyhow, since this is a group of artists- and artists usually are great people- I don't see how anyone could be pissed at you.
I think next week I will post a picture of what I have been finishing up this week. :)