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October 2007

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meadowood in lab555

The final hoorah...

The last project from the Metal Craft Discovery Workshop was an altered Altoids tin. I saw a spread in a stock photo mag about "The Grass Menagerie" and coupled with the fact that I had a small plastic (rein)deer kicking around the studio, I got the idea for this tin shrine. It was a fitting end to a delightful project. You can see all the pieces in one place here, if you're so inclined. I should point out that a couple of the projects didn't get photographed, either because it was part of a collaboration and "left the building" (metal purse) OR it was so hideous I just couldn't bear to have it online (metal mesh pages). And yes, it really was THAT bad! lol

Anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this challenge (originally started on lab555) and am looking through my books for the next one.

Wanna join me??

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How awesome that you stuck with this to the end. I ended up abandoning my book because I just could not get excited in any way about the projects. I think if I tried again I would be more choosy about my book. I think I would do better with a book with projects, like you just finished, rather than a book on techniques. Anyhow, enough rambling....you rock for finishing! Every project you shared was pretty awesome looking too.
Something that helped me work through the projects that were ..erm.. not to my taste was to try and synthesize the tutorial down to its base elements and figure out what it was trying to teach. It added to the challenge, for sure!