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October 2007

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meadowood in lab555

Art Book Challenge - next project...

Still working away at this. Made good progress the last couple of days. Finally finished this little piece:

The idea for adding the nailheads to the sides came to me in a dream. I love when my subconscious interacts with RL projects. :)

It's so QUIET in here. Did everyone leave?!?


This is cool :)

It is quiet here, maybe everyone is outdoors?
Thanks Amber. Not my usual style - a little too perky maybe?!? - but I sure had fun doing it.

"Outdoors" - what is this that you speak of??
It feels like I hardly know what the outdoors is - usually I garden quite a bit but most of the tasks I can't do anymore - too much lifting or it kills my back :( Oh well, there's always next summer :)
I have to admit that I have been spending more time in my garden since it has been nice out than I have on my book of choice. I have also been doing some heavy cleaning out which takes up more time than I would think. This piece is great- is her dress metal? Great work!
Yup, the dress is from a deconstructed tin. I have a new appreciation for all those themed tins that seem to float around during the holiday season. Y'know. The ones I threw out during my "big clean". Sometimes cleaning out is NOT such a good idea. heh. Good luck with your's though! ;)
i love this peice.something about it really strikes a chord with the saints my grandmother used to alter (making velvet gowns with lots of beading to go over the statues) when i was little. it is personal iconography.
Thanks Jen! Your comment about it being personal iconography has got me wondering ... I don't *see* myself as pretty or creating pretty things but maybe I'm deluding myself! hmmm....
i know that personally, i tend to focus on certian aspects of myself and see myself in a very narrow view. maybe there are parts of you that you're ignoring or blinded to that want to be included in your work too... but without sacrificing your style.
this is great. Nice color story too