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Apr. 28th, 2007


My first activity

I decided to use The new Creative Artist as the book I want to work thru cover to cover.  The very first activity in it is to make a job jar. She states that as you go thru the book if any of the project strike your fancy writem down and put them into a jar and pull one out when your feeling stuck.  I'm doing this one as I go along and just have to find a jar to use for it.  The next activity, which will be the first one I put into the job jar, was the one I started with.  It's called fill a Sketch book page in a Jiffy.  Give yourself 15 minutes and fill a page, it's as simple as that.  I also created a new Bucket O'Art Supplies for myself.  Read the page and you'll understand why the bucket is important.  If you can't see the text on the page go to my flikr page and you should be able to read it there.


Yeah, I know my Mah Bucket is a box but I wasn't going to go out and buy anything new.  One of my goals for working thru this book, and for my life in general is to not to buy anything to complete the activites.  I have lots of art supplies.  Not just what's in the bucket.  I also want to go on a consumer diet.  There isn't anything that I need in a material sense right now.  Sure, there's stuff I want but what's the point of getting new stuff if I haven't used up the old stuff first.  In filping thru the book I don't think there's anything called for that I don't already have.  When and if I come across an activity that call for some I don't have then I'll se if there's a subtitution I can make and if not I'll go on-line to price the materials.  If their too expensive then that activity will just have to wait until I get a new job.  I'll just put a sitcky note on the page and move onto the next activity.

I'm also going to try to work thru Collage with Color in the same systematic way.  If I finish my activiey from TNCA and feel I have time then I'll work from CwC. 

Apr. 24th, 2007




Well, I had a busy week last week, but I finally have my first lesson on the computer to post. I had trouble starting this first lesson- I just didn't like what I was creating- but then I decided that I was treating it too seriously. The lesson was "painting around the white". It is a lesson on seeing the white areas in our subjects and painting around these areas to make the white pop out to the eye. I don't think that I executed the lesson exactly right, but I finally just did it and now I can move on to the next lesson. Hopefully the next one will be easier on my brain. I almost decided to tackle a different book, but then the whole point of this is to get me out of my comfort zone like a retreat or class would- so I am sticking to this one. I should have a few more to post this week because I left my mess out on the table and I am all ready to go for the next few lessons. Let me know if you think I could have done something to interpret the lesson better. I love criticism!

hereCollapse )

Apr. 22nd, 2007


Project #2

Lab 555 - Project #2

This was the second project in the book, creating a doll using found tins - as opposed to pristine metal sheets, I guess. Yes, it's completely weird but it makes me laugh. Ironically, when viewed from the other side the silhouette is very similar to some species chickens we had back in the day. I used a number of fasteners including rivets which I'd never tried before along with eyelets and made a discovery that if you bore a hole with an awl you can actually create an eyelet-like joint using the eyelet setter. I doubt it would hold *well* but it did the job for this (you can see the two holes on either side of the neck on the head piece). Anyway, I feel I'm getting better working with metal which IS the point after all!


I hope this is allowed

I’m sure many of you are familiar with lomography’s lomomissions. I’ve created a group that does something similar to that. About every week a new topic will be announced for a mission and then it is your job to go out and shoot what you think the best picture is for that topic. There are no wrong pictures, you can interpret the mission any way you want.

Please check it out and join


&we're also looking for mod's
so let me know if you're interested

Apr. 21st, 2007


Thank you!

I had to share these awesome trades that Mandy sent:

Love the "home" and "eye" symbols of this collage.

The very cool envelope it came in.

I already have plans to string this on some red/rust fibers and WEAR IT!

It bears repeating....YOU ROCK!

Apr. 19th, 2007


Project #1 - Metal Discovery Workshop


While the "bottle caps" wouldn't necessarily be my choice, I did thoroughly enjoy trying this. I made the frame (which surrounds an itty bitty box), painted it with copper and patina'd it. The caps - one bottle cap and two other thingies - which I *believe* are something to do some sort of binding mechanism I received in a trade yonks ago - filled with pictures and I used "Pouring Medium" by Liquitex. Note to self: be sure the items are well secured before pouring in ANY liquid as they moved and wrinkled during the drying process. (fyi the bottle cap hadn't completely dried for the photo) The image was a photocopy of an old one I procured transferred onto a piece of sheet metal. Chain to hang.

On to project deux...

Apr. 15th, 2007


Second *assignment* from Couching Mag.

This is the second *assignment* out of that Couching Book/Mag.

It has said to study natural lines in trees.. I was going for the rings on a cut tree. Then I got bored and it somehow turned into a labyrinth and then it morphed into something that had a mind of it's own and became flat and organic.

Couching Sample 002

Apr. 14th, 2007


Not Angelina, But Silk Top and Space Dyed Roving

Well,first off, chiffon is not the same as silk organza, because it would not melt. So I put another layer of fusible and some paint over that. And it barely melted. (base is felt from Jo Ann). And then wool roving and mica and some angelina-like stuff and sequins (because I saw someone putting sequins onto something while surfing today). And I like it. The bumpy intestine looking thing is from the next part of the book (first you build a surface, then you raise it a bit) where you take ribbon tubing and stuff it with stuff. Maggie suggested making tubing if you had netting, and hey, I still have two spools left over from when I made Dita. And overlock stitches on my machine. And hey, more roving. So I made a tube and then stuffed it with roving.
This is fun :)


Book Choosed

Well, I was just browsing through my bookshelves after Mei posted on her personal journal with embroidery questions, and I came across "Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery" by Maggie Grey. It looks fairly doable in terms of playing around, fits in with the work I am already doing and will expand my repertoire. I can't guarantee I'll get the whole book done, but it would be nice to make a sampler book/journal. :) First stop, the evil empire for handi-wipes, ModelMagic and parchment paper.

Apr. 13th, 2007


New here.

Hi, I found this via shebaduhkitty. I was so inspired that I pulled out some neglected textile books and started with "Over the Line - Couching Rediscovered". It's part of a great series of books for textile artists.

Here's what I did last night (and this morning):

Couching *found* objects - these are sticks that I cut up.. were just laying out in the back yard and screaming to be played with! LOL

Couching Sample

Thanks for having this.. it's a great site and I can't wait to share and see all ya'll's creations too!

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